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Weekend Viewing – Allies

New York electronic DJ/producer Brian Suarez, a.k.a. Allies, is currently on tour promoting Allies’ latest original EP, entitled “Oceans.” The disc features an infectious mix of synth-pop and electro replete with heartbreaking vocal melodies, irresistible rhythms and Suarez’s chimerical voice. With percolating synths and sing-out-loud hooks, it’s an EP created for your headphones and favorite dance floor, and perfect for the start of spring.

In addition to his original work, Suarez has garnered recognition from fans and fellow DJs alike with his mixtapes that sample and smash-up everyone from Florence and the Machine to Röyksopp to the late great Aaliyah. This week, Suarez released a funked up remix of Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time,” with an accompanying video featuring the faces of Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Iman and more. It’s odd and surreal and poppy and fun. Check out the video for Allies’ version of “Remember The Time,” below:

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