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Photographer James Houston’s “Things That Never Go Out of Style”…

April 25th, 2013

James Houston knows a thing or two about style. The New York-based photographer has shot some of the world’s most stylish subjects, from Christy Turlington to Anja Rubik, not to mention a whole portfolio’s worth of celebrities. Now promoting his new book, “Natural Beauty”, Houston is using his eye for style to contribute to a greater cause, by raising awareness for the environment and sustainable living through supporting initiatives like Global Green USA.

We love the work that Houston is doing – and the meaningful intent behind each of his projects – and we thought he’d be the perfect subject for our exclusive online series about “Things That Never Go Out of Style.” Here is what made his “Top Ten: list:

1. Miles Davis – My favorite Saturday morning playlist

2. Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream – Hey if you are going to eat ice cream might as well be the best

3. A cashmere blanket – I love lounging around in the winter in front of a fire, and nothing feels better on your skin that a beautiful blanket

4. Black and white photos of your childhood – I framed a bunch of old black and white photos of my family and friends from when we were growing up. I love looking at them on my wall.

5. INXS – Being Australian I grew up with this incredible band and still love to hear one of their songs.

6. A great Roast Chicken – I love to cook and who doesn’t love a Sunday roast?

7. Laughter – This is one thing that never gets old and makes you feel alive. I have a bunch of very funny friends and getting together always leaves me in stitches.

8. Herb Ritts photographs – I’m not only inspired by his vision, but I’m grateful that I got the opportunity to meet the man himself.

9. Nature – I love to experience, photograph, appreciate and spend time in any natural environment.

10. Danish furniture – I love interiors and my blog,, is definitely influenced by Danish post-modern furniture.

Proudrace’s “Things That Never Go Out of Style…”

April 17th, 2013

As part of our exclusive online series about “Things That Never Go Out of Style” we called on designers Pat Bondoc and Rik Rasos of Manila-based label Proudrace to share their top ten choices. Now in its seventh season, the fledgeling brand manages to create contemporary sportswear that is consistent yet inexplicably new.

With the 90s as a major reference point, Proudrace’s Spring 2013 offering was partly inspired by the 1993 film, “Mi Vida Loca” – a crime drama set in a poor Los Angeles neighbourhood. Rasos and Bondoc found inspiration in the baseball jersey silhouette, recreating the shape in more practical fabrics like acrylic cotton and twill. The standout pieces were definitely those done in a graphic hieroglyph graffiti print, almost reminiscent of a QR code motif from afar. Check out Proudrace’s take on timelessness below and then click after the jump for images from their latest collection..

1. A basic black T-shirt – it’s essential in every wardrobe

2. Vans SK8-HI shoe (definitely a classic)

3. Denim

4. A suit that fits perfectly

5. All black everything

6. Leather (it does not follow any season)

7. Travelling

8. Global street style because it’s evolving

9. Your future Proudrace purchase

10. Being a gentleman

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Sally LaPointe’s “Things That Never Go Out of Style…”

March 13th, 2013

Sally LaPointe’s fall/winter 2013 collection was inspired by Depeche Mode’s video for “In Your Room” – a video directed by Anton Corbijn that featured scenes of bondage, sexuality and, at the time, general uncomfortableness. So it’s a testament to LaPointe’s design prowess that the clothing that came down the runway last month was not only tough and edgy but wearable as well.

A Massachusetts native who graduated with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, LaPointe has always been influenced by culture, whether it be painting (she’s been known to create her own prints and spend hours working away on a canvas in her studio) or pop music (Lady Gaga is a fan and wore one of LaPointe’s custom-made dresses in her video for “Judas”). Even higher praise: Forbes Magazine recently named LaPointe one of their “30 Under 30″ for 2013.

With credentials like that, we knew we had to include LaPointe as part of our exclusive online series about “Things That Never Go Out of Style.” Here is her top ten list:

1. False eyelashes
2. Black leather jacket
3. Vodka, ice, olives
4. Black
5. Bodegas
6. Five-inch heels
7. Black and white film
8. Being in pitch darkness
9. George Michael’s “Freedom”
10. Having no mercy

Sally LaPointe’s collections are available at OAK in New York and select boutiques around the world. Find out more about her at and click through to see images of some of our favorites from her fall/winter 2013 collection.
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Jac Langheim’s “Things That Never Go Out of Style…”

March 4th, 2013

New York-based designer Jac Langheim works predominately in latex. But don’t call this fetish-wear. Langheim has made it her mission to fashion beautiful and wearable clothing from latex – and so far, it’s been working out pretty well.

Just ask Lady Gaga, who worn one of Langheim’s jackets to the Robin Hood Gala, and another piece on SNL. Or ask the hundreds of women who have bought one of the designer’s bold and feminine dresses, which draw inspiration from everything from the Roaring Twenties to the theater.

Most of Langheim’s garments receives a “silk” treatment, which leaves the rubber silk smooth and eliminates the need for a lubricant or powder dressing aid. Some garments are left “raw” for a more matte finish, while Langheim also likes to play the latex off of other fabrications, such as chiffon or cotton. Though the process is definitely involved and understandably challenging, Langheim says she’s out to show just how versatile the material can be. The end result is a collection of surprisingly sleek and elegant pieces that link latex with something else – luxury.

As someone who is re-contextualizing and re-defining classic pieces in fashion, Langheim is the perfect person to take part in our exclusive online series about “Things That Never Go Out of Style.” Here is her top ten list:

1. A well-tailored black blazer

2. New York City

3. Cuffed boyfriend jeans

4. A black, high-waisted rubber pencil skirt

5. Heirloom jewelry

6. Graciousness

7. Filet Mignon- Medium Rare

8. Matte red lipstick

9. “Singing in the Rain” with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds

10. Very high heels

For more information on Jac Langheim, go to

Rochambeau’s “Things Never Go Out of Style…”

February 25th, 2013

New York-based Rochambeau looked to the past for inspiration for their fall/winter 2013 collection – 40,000 years ago to be exact. Designers Joshua Copper and Laurence Chandler showcased a dark and industrial collection, inspired by drawings found at the Chauvet Caves in the South of France.

The clothes were at once utilitarian and adventurous, with hooded coats, chunky sweaters and drop-crotch pants accented by tribal-inspired prints and subtle, gothic-like details. The color palette meantime, was dark, with strong blacks and greys mixed in with burnt oranges and dark browns. This is what menswear looks like in 2013: bold, clean, masculine and yet ever so inventive without being over-the-top. We’re liking it.

Since forming in 2007, Rochambeau (French for “rock, paper, scissors”) has garnered a number of accolades from both critics and fans alike. In addition to being seen on all the “it” kids and models off-runway (just check the street style blogs for proof), the label was also nominated for the prestigious Ecco Domani Fashion prize, and was a finalist in the Supima Design Competition.

With such strong credentials and a now-signature aesthetic that’s commanding everybody’s attention, we knew we had to include Copper and Chandler in our exclusive online series about “Things That Never Go Out of Style.” Here is their “top ten” list:

1. A good trench coat or peacoat
2. Frank Sinatra
3. A dark blue blazer
4. New York City
5. Cashmere sweaters
6. A Yankees baseball cap
7. Manners
8. Socks
9. Polo T-shirts
10. A beautiful woman on your arm

Rochambeau is available at select retailers worldwide, including OAK in New York and online at Find out more about the brand at

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