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Corduroy Issue 8 – Stella Schnabel

February 20th, 2011

Stella Schnabel knows she’s a lucky girl. As the daughter of painter-turned-filmmaker Julian Schnabel — whose polarizing work took the fickle New York art world by storm in the eighties — she’s afforded privileges that most people, well, aren’t. Like, some would say, being an actress.

Yes, that’s right: Stella Schnabel is an actress, and her father an acclaimed director. And yes, she’s appeared in three of his films; first Basquiat, then Before Night Falls and finally, the Middle Eastern drama, Miral. Although her roles were all minor, theirs is an artist-muse relationship that leaves some people feeling uneasy. “I often get, ‘Oh right, Julian Schnabel’s daughter wants to be an actress,’” she says. “People want you to fail.”

Thankfully, Schnabel doesn’t really care what other people want, especially if they’re standing in her way. She’s blunt, exotic-looking, and delicate all at once. Her manic energy and raw sexuality are surprisingly uncommon among Hollywood’s stable of young ingénues.
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