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Adam Green Makes A Movie (on his iPhone)

We had a chance to attend this week’s New York City premiere of indie musician-turned-indie filmmaker Adam Green’s latest pet project — a 70 minute movie shot entirely (and quite impressively) on his iPhone. The movie, called The Wrong Ferrari, chronicles the random, impulsive and occasionally shocking antics of Green (pictured at left performing at our Issue 7 launch party) and his famous friends — which include Cory Kennedy, Pete Doherty, Alia Shawkat, Macaulay Culkin and Devendra Banhart (we sat beside the latter three at the movie screening).

As for what exactly the band of compatriots are up to? Well, what began as an earnest documentary of Green’s European concert tour morphed into a raucous party film that follows the gang as they get drunk, rock-out at music festivals and do a ton of Special K (not the cereal). There are also more “intimate” moments of the friends playing “double dare” or having confession time on a bare-bones set…though whether or not the “confessions” are real or staged are still to be determined…

Green says the inspiration for the film was “pointing to turning 30 and the concerns that come with that.” We think it’s as much about life at 30 as it is about a free-spirited artist’s life in 2011…or it could just be a cheap movie about booze and drugs.

As part of the DIY nature of the film, Green is releasing it for free online at and encouraging people to download and share it. Click HERE to check it out and let us know what you think. Be warned: it’s definitely NSFW!

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